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Janine Olivia is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from Flemington, New Jersey. With her voice, keyboard, and imaginative lyricism, she is capable of crafting thought-provoking compositions that are as cathartic as they are catchy. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Janine's passion for songwriting began at just five years old when she wrote her first song, and she has continued to develop her craft to this day. After many years of classical training throughout her childhood and young adult life, she participated in and led various chorales and acapella groups before reemerging as the electronic-pop solo sensation she is today.


Janine signed to independent record label Lock City Music Group in the fall of 2018 and released two debut singles to her fast-growing fan base. “Twitches and Hives” was released in the spring of 2019, followed by “I Could Wonder” later that summer. With the help of rising rapper and fellow labelmate, King Berv, she released her first commercial collaboration, “Feels Like Love” in the fall of 2019. Janine’s highly anticipated debut album “Sparkles and Silk” was released in late 2019 to critical acclaim. Building on the momentum of this full-length debut, Janine released a new single “Like I Do” on April 28th, 2020, available now on all major distribution platforms.

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